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A nurse’s perspective, asking HOW & WHY…

As a nurse, I’m always asking myself how to improve my patients’ experience:

I have been fortunate in my nursing career to work in diverse places. My experiences have been made better because of teammates across interdisciplinary fields in the hospital, emergency department, and clinic setting. I quickly learned the value of finding colleagues who share my goals and values to provide excellent patient and family-centered care.

I’ve always found myself curious about decision making in the workplace:

  • Why are different policies adopted?
  • Why are routines set in certain ways?
  • What parameters are involved in making decisions?

My excitement in joining Dr. Lacy’s new practice is driven by this curiosity. I am dedicated to using my diverse knowledge and experience to develop the policies, procedures, and routines that will make this new practice a patient-driven, team-oriented, profitable, and quality-centered organization.

I have learned that those professionals who continually search for how to best serve the patient always shine above the rest. Dr. Susan Lacy is one of those people. I will strive daily to assist in creating our vision for compassionate modern reproductive health care for all in the Mid-South area. We are committed to providing MORE to our community.

Annie Mitchell RN MSN

Annie Mitchell RN MSN Annie Mitchell is Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health's Nursing Supervisor

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