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Let's talk more about hormones!

Hormone optimization can help re-discover the best version of yourself! If you're feeling run down or experiencing a range of hormonal deficiency issues, including night sweats, weigh gain, decreased libido, brain fog and more, make an appointment today!
May 31st, 2023

MORE Method - The "Fabulous Face"

Learn all about our curated comprehensive package designed to enhance & improve your natural beauty & give you an absolutely fabulous, glowing face!
Apr 28th, 2022

MORE April Newsletter

Information and News for MORE for April. Learn about our "Lacy Little Lip", Dr. Lacy's subtle approach to lip filler using Versa Lips. Make an appointment for hormone evaluation and management!
Apr 1st, 2022

MORE March Newsletter

Great news & information for March! Get a jump on looking & feeling great for spring and summer!
Mar 16th, 2022

Achieving Effective Hair Removal is an ART!

Introducing an exciting new partnership for hair removal services! Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health & MORE Aesthetics are thrilled to be working with Embrace Electrology & Laser LLC to help provide compassionate, inclusive hair removal options!
Mar 15th, 2022

February NEWS! What we're excited about this month!

Monthly MORE newsletter with discussion about hormone optimization. We also share information about our aesthetic services & a link to a groundbreaking study about the benefits of Vitamin D supplementation.
Feb 7th, 2022

Our Choice For Natural Lips: Versa Lip Filler

Revanesse Versa filler offers several benefits over other types of fillers, which is why it's our choice at MORE. It makes an excellent choice for people looking to reverse the signs of aging or enhance their natural features.
Sep 2nd, 2021

The proof is in the GOLDEN GLOW!

Come explore our Golden Glow Facial! Get a beautiful skin appearance with an amazing radiance & glow! Easy, painless treatment with quick unbelievable results!
Sep 1st, 2021

Let's Talk About Sex......

Female Sexual Dysfunction is an issue that affects many women, but has not been easy to address in the past. At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are committed to providing innovative care to help you feel like your sexual self again!
Aug 9th, 2020

Identifying new ways to evaluate breast health

Celbrea is a simple, painless device made by Welwaze Medical that uses a thermal activity indicator array which identifies temperature differentials in breast tissue to help expand the ability to evaluate for breast disease in a physician office setting.
Jun 8th, 2020

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Feb 20th, 2024

Introducing our amazing new CBD+ Skincare Line!

CBD is the hottest ingredient in skincare! MORE Aesthetics is the only clinic in Memphis to offer this amazing new line which utilizes the best natural ingredients to treat the range of skincare needs for EVERYONE!
Sep 27th, 2022

The "Lacy Little Lip"

Feel comfortable trying out Lip Filler with Dr. Lacy's gentle, painless approach. We use Versa Lips by Revanesse to help refresh and define your lips. Our goal is to help subtly enhance your naturally beautiful lips in a way that makes you confident!
Mar 25th, 2022

Bacterial Vaginosis

BV can be very annoying and difficult to manage. There are good strategies that you can take to prevent the likelihood of developing BV and also actions that you can take to deal with recurrent symptoms!
May 3rd, 2021

MORE challenges on the journey...

MORE is devoted to providing excellent, compassionate care, particularly for our transgender community. The challenges of the past year have been difficult. "Friends of MORE" are launching a GoFundMe campaign to provide ongoing financial support.
Feb 22nd, 2021

Join our OPUS journey...

Opus Plasma treatment is a revolutionary way to improve skin texture and appearance with a minimally invasive treatment with no downtime!
Nov 19th, 2020

What is PCOS & how do I fix it?

PCOS is a very common hormonal condition that can cause multiple problematic symptoms. There are great treatment options to address PCOS and get patients back to feeling great!
Sep 24th, 2020

Bluff City Life Feature

Explore a great feature on Dr. Susan Lacy and Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health!
Feb 7th, 2020

New Year, Less Bleeding

We have an excellent approach to the evaluation and management of one of the most common gynecologic concerns, which is problematic vaginal bleeding!
Jan 18th, 2020

Local Memphis Feature

Dr. Susan Lacy and Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health are leading the way in modern Transgender Care. Click into this blog to see Local Memphis article and video.
Jan 15th, 2020

New Year, New Hormones

At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are looking forward to introducing exciting new services and continuing to expand and improve for 2020!
Jan 11th, 2020

Here We Go…

Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health is finally up and running. This has been a labor of blood, sweat, many tears and ultimately, of love. As we open, I’m compelled to look back at the journey.
Sep 21st, 2019

Finding a way to provide MORE…

I have been your gynecologic physician or your friend or neighbor. Some of you are meeting me for the first time. I think that it is fitting to let you all in on who I am and what I believe.
Apr 8th, 2019