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Achieving Effective Hair Removal is an ART!

Are you struggling with unwanted hair?

Are you tired of the endless rounds of waxing, plucking & shaving?

Are you ready for a thorough, compassionate & comprehensive approach to permanent hair removal?


Meet the team at Embrace Electrology & Laser LLC!


All people can suffer with the effects of unwanted hair growth.

Some want hair removed for cosmetic purposes, while others are seeking permanent hair removal out of medical necessity.  

As hormone balance changes, hair follicles can transform, producing thicker and darker hair where previously only fine, vellus hair existed. This can increase the urgency for hair removal.

There are various methods that can successfully reduce or remove unwanted hair:  

Hair can be removed from individuals of any ethnicity, gender identity or hair color.  Whether you are a man, women, transgender or LGBT, excessive hair growth can be very annoying and embarrassing.  Scheduling regular sessions with a facility that employs licensed laser technicians and board-certified electrologists ensures that you are being treated within a clinic that can guarantee permanent removal of your unwanted hair. 

While laser hair removal and IPL treatments can greatly reduce darker hair, the only way to ensure that hair is permanently removed and future growth is prevented is via the process of electrolysis. A licensed electrologist inserts a thin probe into the hair follicle going beneath the surface of the skin.  An electric current moves down the probe to the bottom of the follicle destroying the hair root and surrounding growth tissue.  The damage prevents the regrowth of future hair in the treated follicle. 

Unlike laser hair removal treatments which are only effective on darker hair, electrolysis can be utilized on everyone. Whether on the face, genitals or other areas of the body, this procedure works beautifully to remove hair permanently.  Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that has been recognized and approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in the US.

At Embrace Electrology & Laser, our team is committed to addressing YOUR individual hair removal needs and finding a combination approach that will help you achieve your best results!

Karen Cooksey holds board certification in electrology and laser hair removal. After decades of holding Senior Executive positions with large corporations across the country, she made the decision to follow her passion to open Embrace Electrology & Laser in order to help others have a happier, healthier, and hair-free life. She previously obtained both her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Memphis and attended Indiana University for her Doctoral studies. Karen is a member of the Society for Clinical and Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR) and is a Certified Clinical Electrologist.  
Karen is passionate about serving others. Her customer’s comfort, safety, confidentiality, and successful treatments are her top priorities. Her customers can be assured that when they come in for their treatments, they are getting their permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation services from an experienced and qualified professional.
Karen Cooksey Karen Cooksey, is a board-certified electrologist and laser technician She is committed to providing her clients with the highest quality service in a professional and comfortable environment.

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