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Golden Elixir: The Secret To Beautiful Skin

Golden Elixir: The Secret To Beautiful Skin

Aesthetic skincare has truly been revolutionized in the past 5-10 years, yielding new and proven treatments to restore your youthful glow. The secret to our Golden Glow Facial lies in the Golden Elixir, which is a unique blend of potent serums tailored to your specific needs. 

Powerhouse Ingredients

To make the Golden Elixir, we utilize several different ingredients:

How Is The Golden Elixir Applied?

During your appointment, we will discuss your skin concerns and decide on the blend of ingredients to address them. You'll have a quick blood draw to obtain the serum rich in platelets and other growth factors. Once combined, we use a small microinjector device with 24K gold-plated needles to deliver the Golden Elixir into your skin through tiny punctures. This procedure is relatively painless, and you will begin to see results within 12 hours. By 48 hours, your youthful glow appears!

When it comes to services we provide at MORE, we choose treatments that are proven to help our patients look and feel great. We realize that aesthetic care plays an important role in overall health. To learn more about the Golden Elixir and the Golden Glow Facial, contact us today and book a consultation.

Susan Lacy MD FACOG Dr. Susan Lacy is the founder of Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health

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Come explore our Golden Glow Facial! Get a beautiful skin appearance with an amazing radiance & glow! Easy, painless treatment with quick unbelievable results!

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