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Identifying new ways to evaluate breast health


At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are committed to providing innovative new technology to improve patient care, and we are very excited to introduce the Celbrea® thermal breast mapping device to Memphis. This is the newest innovation in evaluation for breast disease.

There are other modalities that can be helpful in evaluation for breast disease, including ultrasound and MRI. But, those tests can be difficult and expensive and require a visit to an imaging center.

Celbrea is a new technology that is a Thermal Activity Indicator. It provides a way to add to the existing standard evaluation protocols with an evaluation system that can be done in your doctor’s office with a quick, painless examination. Celbrea is not intended to replace an exam or mammogram, but it can provide another way to gather information.

Finding and utilizing effective new technology is part of a modern approach to healthcare. At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are committed to providing cutting edge, reliable care, and are thrilled to bring new technology to the Memphis community. Contact us today for more information about Celbrea and to schedule an appointment!

Susan Lacy MD FACOG Dr. Susan Lacy is the founder of Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health & MORE Aesthetics.

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