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Join our OPUS journey...

At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are always looking for MORE

We are thrilled to expand our MORE Aesthetics practice AND

We are beyond excited to introduce OPUS Spark Plasma treatment to Memphis!

So, what is OPUS Plasma?

The OPUS Plasma treatment uses unique technology to improve skin texture, tone and tightness and resurface the skin. The treatment utilizes a roller or “glide tip” to pass over the skin causing microscopic perforations and deep tissue stimulation to improve collagen growth which leads to softer, fuller skin texture. The treatment causes minimal discomfort and is quick, usually lasting about 20 minutes. We see initial results very quickly, usually within the first week. We recommend a course of 3 treatments in most cases to achieve the best effect.

What problems can OPUS Plasma treat?

What body areas can be treated with OPUS Plasma? Any area can be treated; the most common are:

What does an OPUS Plasma treatment feel like?

The treatment is mildly uncomfortable with a slight “pricking” sensation. We use an excellent topical anesthetic cream prior to the OPUS treatment that numbs the skin very effectively. Most people say that they cannot feel much discomfort.

What will I feel/look like afterward?

Immediately after OPUS Plasma treatment, you will have some redness and irritation that goes away quickly. The skin will be dry and flaky for about 3-7 days.  You can wear light powder makeup after 3 days and will have normal appearing skin quickly after the procedure. We recommend & provide a specially sourced after-care topical moisturizer to help with rapid healing and moisture.

Who is a candidate for OPUS Plasma & how do i get started?

We recommend a free consultation to see if OPUS would be right for you. We are committed to treating clients of all ages, races, sexes and gender identities and are finding OPUS plasma to be very helpful for a wide range of people.

At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we strive to make meaningful connections with our community. Our team is always looking to offer new, exciting treatment options that will allow you to become the best version of YOU! Our MORE Aesthetics program is an extension of our commitment to you and OPUS Plasma is an exciting option for treatment that we know will greatly benefit our community! Come see us today for your healthcare and aesthetic needs!

Susan Lacy MD FACOG Dr. Susan Lacy is the founder of Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health

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