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MORE Method - The "Fabulous Face"

The MORE Method is an approach to aesthetic care that focuses on you!

Our “Fabulous Face” treatment package utilizes this approach to curate amazing, natural results and rejuvenate your face!

What is in this incredible package? Well, that depends on your needs!

The main features are:

Jeuveau injections for wrinkle management & skin smoothing.

Jeuveau is the newest, most purified form of Botulinum Toxin which gives beautiful results!

Platelet-Rich Plasma injections

PRP utilizes your own plasma to create a natural filler that can be used to improve under-eye appearance, enhance cheeks and fill in nasolabial “smile lines”. Because we can get 5-6 ml volume of plasma, one tube can be used in multiple areas

The “Lacy Little Lip”

Dr. Lacy has developed a technique for subtle lip filler that gently fills and defines your lips and gently lifts the lower part of your face. This is a great intro to lip filler using Versa Lips which is a soft, natural filler.

The “Golden Glow” facial

Our proprietary treatment combines PRP, Hyaluronic Acid and Jeuveau to create a golden serum that is gently micro-channeled using a small vial with hair-thin needles. The treatment gives you a soft, dewy glow and the results are seen in just a few days. This is our (better) version of a “Vampire Facial”.


This treatment will be individualized to your needs and concerns to give you a glowing, smoother, rejuvenated face in less than 10 days! There is no significant down-time and minimal pain or discomfort.

The usual cost is $1500

We can also discuss other treatments such as OPUS Plasma or more involved lip filler for an additional cost.


Make an appointment for a consultation today and unlock your Fabulous Face!



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