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New Year, New Hormones

I think that all of us stop and take stock at the beginning of a new year, not to mention the beginning of a new decade! At Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health, we are looking forward to introducing exciting new services and continuing to expand and improve for 2020!

What is Hormone Optimization? 

Hormone optimization management is a fresh, comprehensive approach to some very common problems. The concept is to help you feel like a better, more energetic, healthier version of yourself. We have partnered with BioTE Medical, a company that manufactures and monitors hormone pellet therapy to provide a unique approach to hormone management for both men and women.

But, isn’t it normal to have some issues with hormones?

I think that we all think of “hormones” when we are feeling a little moody or are having night sweats/hot flashes. But hormone deficiency is much more widespread and problematic than most of us realize. I had to learn to re-think my approach to hormone management after 20 years of providing care.

Simply put, the BioTE method combines optimization of “T” – Testosterone and “E” – Estrogen as well as Thyroid hormones and cutting-edge Nutraceutical supplements. Men and women both lose testosterone throughout their lives and testosterone affects every organ system.

Well, can’t I just work on feeling better on my own?

Who hasn’t resolved to feel healthier? We tell ourselves to:

All of those things will help, but having optimal testosterone & estrogen will help you do all of those things more effectively and see better results. The list of symptoms that are connected to hormone deficiency is long:

How is BioTE different than every other type of hormones?

The BioTe method uses bio-identical hormone pellets that are injected under the skin where they are gradually absorbed over several months. The term “bio-identical hormones” has been somewhat controversial over the years. Bio-identical hormones are designed to be just like your natural hormones without unnecessary and harmful by-products, and BioTE pellets are manufactured under the strictest standards and under FDA regulation, which is not the case for all hormone therapies. It is VERY important to have hormones measured accurately (from a blood draw) and to work with a health care provider that has experience with hormone management. There is a large amount of scientific evidence to show that taking hormones in pellet or topical form is safer than taking hormones by mouth. The risks that we have come to worry about, breast cancer and thromboembolic events are the most concerning, are not increased with hormone pellet therapy.

Do you think that this could help me?

Many people, of all ages, can benefit from hormone optimization. The lab bloodwork checks for hormone levels as well as extensively for kidney and liver function, blood sugar, thyroid function and vitamin deficiencies. Many of these issues do not show symptoms until they are severe. I personally discovered that I had an autoimmune thyroid problem, an issue that is not easily identified.

The first step is to have a conversation and get your bloodwork checked. There may be a happier, healthier version of you just waiting to be unlocked!

NOTE: At this juncture, hormone optimization is indicated for cis-gender patients only. We are looking at the possibility of providing hormone pellet therapy for transgender hormone management in the future!

Susan Lacy MD FACOG Dr. Susan Lacy is the founder of Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health & MORE Aesthetics.

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