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The "Lacy Little Lip"

Are you intrigued by the idea of improving the appearance of your lips?

Does the idea of committing to lip filler seem scary or unnatural?

Do you want an approach to refreshing your lips that is individualized to you?


The Lacy Little Lip may be just the thing!


Lip fillers have become omnipresent with many celebrities indulging in the trend for large, luscious lips. But, for many, the idea of lip filler injections is a little scary. At MORE Aesthetics, Dr. Susan Lacy can help you start with a procedure to help define your lips and subtly lift & define the bottom of your face with her “Lacy Little Lip”.

Using Versa Lips, a hyaluronic acid filler made by Revanesse, Dr. Lacy will use small injections to help define YOUR lip shape and help subtly fill your lips.

Versa is a very smooth filler that provides soft, defined effects and leaves you with pretty, natural appearing lips.

What are the reasons to get lip filler?

What are the risks of getting lip filler?

Dr. Lacy uses a combination of a topical anesthetic with a light lip block to make the procedure much more comfortable!

Check out our YouTube video detailing the Lacy Little Lip Procedure!

Make an appointment for a consultation or lip filler procedure today!

Susan Lacy MD FACOG Dr. Susan Lacy is the founder of Modern Gynecology & Reproductive Health & MORE Aesthetics.

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